Ens Lexus

Ens Lexus

Ens is proud to offer the complete lineup of Lexus vehicles, bringing the “finest cars ever built” to the Saskatoon market.

At Ens, we believe in treating every customer as our guest and our friend. We’re committed to providing an exceptional service experience – with respect, approachability and responsiveness – and without high-pressure sales.

Come visit our showroom today. Our knowledgeable sales staff is ready to answer your questions and help you find your next vehicle.

Visit the Ens Lexus Service for more information about our services, or book your appointment now.

* “Our Commitment,” Lexus.com

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Ens Toyota

Ens Toyota

The Toyota brand is renowned all over the world for quality, value, and reliability. As an authorized Toyota dealer, Ens is proud to bring the complete line of world-renowned cars, vans, trucks, SUVs and hybrids to the Saskatchewan market. We offer the latest makes and models, as well as all the features and upgrades you’re looking for.

At Ens, we put our customer first. We believe in continuous improvement, and listening and responding to our customers. Our experienced staff is always learning and training to serve you better. We have high expectations for our company, and we work hard at what we do.

Visit the Ens Toyota Service and the Ens Lexus Collision Centre for more information about our services.

We’re here for you, to help you pick the right choice for your life.
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Ens Toyota

Ens Scion

Scion is your alternative to the large mainstream car brands. Scion vehicles provide a unique and better alternative that is right for today’s new car buyers. Drivers want more than just an affordable car, they want something to express their individuality and fit their lifestyle. With the support of Toyota, our parent company, we are building quality cars with unique body styles and letting our owned personalize them with a variety of accessories. Scion – built by passion, not by committee.

At Ens Scion, we have a small, determined team with the drive to deliver what you want, dedicated to the fun-loving creative side in all of us. We aim to simplify the buying process so that you can have fun while shopping for a Scion and then an even better ownership experience. You can find us inside the End Toyota building.

Ens Pre-Owned

Ens Older Cars

Whatever your budget, Ens has something for everyone. We are the only dealer of certified pre-owned Lexus and pre-owned Toyota vehicles in Saskatchewan, and we offer a large selection of these, as well as many other makes and models. View our pre-owned vehicles.

What does it mean to be certified? Our technicians have been trained by Lexus and Toyota to perform inspections on all the older models brought in to our dealership. We use our expertise to make sure every one of our vehicles is in top condition. Then, we certify the Lexus and Toyota vehicles; which makes them eligible for a manufacturer’s guarantee.

With Ens, you can count on great pre-owned vehicles. Guaranteed.

Ens Collision

Ens Collision

Our award-winning collision centre has expanded to serve you better. We are now located just off of circle drive, on Venture Crescent.

Just as in our service department, our technicians have been trained extensively by Toyota and Lexus to fix every part of your car. We have a Toyota Master technician on staff, and we’re always learning more to serve you better.

Visit the Toyota Collision Centre for more information about our services, or book your appointment now.

Ens Industrial

Ens Industrial

Our Industrial division is proud to serve the mining industry here and around the world. We’re one of only a few Industrial vehicle companies in Canada and our services are in demand among our customers.

Our technicians are highly trained in mining practices and technology, building custom 4 x 4 Toyota Land Cruisers to meet the exact specifications of our clients. We also offer in-house servicing and a large inventory of Toyota parts. We provide the ultimate support team for your business.

At Ens, our business is more than cars –it lies in our people. Our staff is knowledgeable, highly trained, and passionate about what they do. They believe
in continuous improvement, and we’re committed
to supporting their development and expertise.

Ens is also dedicated to you, our customer. Our number one goal is to be open, transparent, and responsive to your needs at all times. For us, it’s not just sales or
service; it’s about building relationships – the kind
that last for generations.

Ens Toyota

Our History

Since 1963, we’ve been proud to serve the Saskatchewan market, offering a solid experience for our customers. We were founded by Danny Ens, and we follow his example of openness, approachability, and transparency in all our business activities. We also believe in being responsive to our customers, putting your needs first in all of our interactions.

Throughout the years, we’ve also been quiet innovators in the province. We were the first dealership to bring Toyota to

Saskatchewan, earning our license in 1972. We followed that up in 1990 with the launch of our authorized Lexus division – another first for the market. We’ve also won awards for our SGI-approved Collision Centre, located in the heart of downtown Saskatoon.

Over the years, we’ve been proud to provide our customer-service, relationship-building approach. We’re excited to celebrate 50 years of Ens, and we thank you for your business.

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